July 17, 2018

Changing weather conditions can be manageable or miserable.

One of the key ways to control your comfort on any outdoor excursion is by layering.

Simply put, layering means wearing multiple layers of clothing, each of which serve a specific purpose, and can be shed or donned to regulate your temperature.

Whether dressing for hot or cold settings, or somewhere in between, layering adds flexibility to your internal environment. On a warm fall morning, for instance, you might head out the door in an Equinox Performance Polo with H2X-DRY to wick moisture away from your core along with a Tundra Sweater Fleece Jacket to fend off the late day chill. On a frigid winter outing, your attire could consist of a base layer, a performance fleece to add warmth, and a weather-repellant H2XTREME outer shell.


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